Friday, October 16, 2020

Uncle Otaku Leong Pledged ALL His DBS shares To Buy Hong Kong Land!

Desperation of a jobless and cash-strapped Uncle! LOL!

Let us jiak popcorn and witness the implosion! LOL!


  1. Master's life long dream is to beat Dividend warrior. But without cashflow from a day job like DW, Master can only leverage and gamble. Jobless & gambler. LOL

    1. Why does Otaku Leong hate DW? what happened between them last time?

    2. Master is happy to be out of the rat race! LOL!
      He thinks employed people are rats! LOL!

    3. Uncle Otaku Leong disliked reits but DW is a die-hard fan of reits! LOL!

  2. Wah he really dialling up the risks. Triple risks.

    He has to pray (1) DBS don't crash, (2) HKL don't crash, (3) overall markets don't crash.

    Any one of the above can lead to margin call liao.

    Since he no more spare cash, if margin call then will be force sell liao.

    But I will say Uncle has 40% chance of making it.